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-Jan 24 2006
Today Is:
What Do Hillbilly's Do When The Blizzard Comes?
What do HillBilly's Do When The Blizzard Comes? Check out the vid!
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Welcome!! This is the BlizzardBLOG, this is were the Blizzard (who ever that is) will post all of its happinins'. You can get the DL on who the blizzard is, the latest Blizzard sightings, photo's, and MORE!! Just start explorin'.

The Blizzard originated after we met the Blizzard himself. He was truly an ass. So now we act like asses, document it, and use the name "The Blizzard"!
THIS JUST IN!!! Check out our sweat new music player!!

Starting Next Week We Are Going To Start Our Propaganda Campaign. If You Would Like To Help, By Designing, Spreading The Word, Or Passing Out Flyers, Just Shout Us A Holla'!!
You can't change the weather. You can only predict it!!

Hey Tera, did you see the Today Show Today? They said, "A Blizzard Is Coming!"
See the aftermath of a Blizzard Attack!
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The Aftermath Of A Blizzard Attack!
How Does One Clean Up After A Blizzard?
How does one clean up after a blizzard? Check this out, and learn.
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